Over her 15+ year career, through successful and challenging transactions Minoo's developed best practices that highlight these four foundations. Her philosophy sets her apart from others. Ultimately these standards translate to exceptional real estate experiences and outcomes for her Clients.

Take Care

Less Sales, More Advisor

With the advent of HD home tours and ease of access to real property information online, the Realtor's role has evolved from sales to consultant, guidance counselor, and negotiator. Realtors navigate clients through tough decisions and challenging situations, being present to share information and assist Clients in determining the best course of action for their unique circumstance.


Assisting a family through the sale of their mother's home after her death takes patience, sensitivity and compassion. The myriad of complex situations requires a Realtor with a wider skillset and broader perspective than just pure sales. An exceptional Realtor is a professional who cares, guides and advises. There's no need for hard sales tactics when you put your Client first.

Mutual Trust

Lasting Relationships Are Worth the Investment

Clients need to be able to trust their Agent to be ethical, hard working and communicative. Equally a Realtor needs to trust their clients to be honest, transparent and loyal in order to give the highest level of service and best represent them with the cooperating Broker, escrow and vendors. Trust established from Day 1 is the most effective way to ensure success. Real Estate is a team sport, we win when we work together. 

Communicate Options

Present All Alternatives & Consequences, Don't Decide for Clients

Who knows you best? You! Minoo takes the time to explain all options and scenarios available. As well as their consequences, so clients are able to decide for themselves the best course of action for their unique circumstance. Minoo shared, "Clients who know their options, make well founded decisions. Which translates to  more confidence and success in their real estate experience". 

Fairness & Logic

Be Kind and Fair You Never Know When You're Going To Need Their Help

There is no faster karma than real estate karma. In negotiations if a Party strikes too hard at first, it can prematurely sour a deal. Always start off on fair footing and maintain an equilibrium of give and take. There are times during a transaction a Buyer needs the Seller's assistance to authorize an extension in obtaining Final Loan Approval. 


Reversely, a Seller may have to rely on a Buyer's graciousness to agree to a leaseback at the end of a transaction. If both Parties can see things from the other's perspective they can give support and enjoy a smooth transaction and successful closing. Being fair, generous and logical from the start ensures an excellent transaction.

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