An Interview with a Stager 

Valerie Delahaye-Ippolito, Mahalo Hale 

It is always a special connection, when you meet a visionary professional who goes beyond average and delivers incredible service. That professional is Valerie Delahaye-Ippolito of Mahalo Hale. With her exotic French accent and eye for clean and modern chic interiors, meeting with her will open your eyes to the future of Hawaii interior design.

First you notice when reviewing her portfolio she is not a "copy & paste" designer. Valerie lets each property's best feautures speak to her. She doesn't clutter couches with throw pillows, she allows the actual house, its ocean views, garden, and unique architecture to shine. Her process is intuitive and highly organic, with laser like speed she incorporates custom made pieces from Bali, Restoration Hardware and Hermes. And you quickly realize her genius when you feel the home welcome you and are set at ease. From Hualalai to Keauhou realtors and designers alike know when they are looking at a Mahalo Hale interior designed home. That clean modern simplicity is her distinctive calling card.

So many stagers want to fill rooms with sparkly, glass balls and chatskis. She wants to make you feel at home. This gift for creating an atmosphere requires diligent editing skills and like a master painter, it's what she removes from a room that makes you feel like you've gone on vacation to a 5 Star Resort and you're going in for your spa treatment. I want to live there! If you are looking to update your home or prepare it for sale, Valerie is the design professional to call!


How do you describe your staging style?
Understated elegance. We give the home a point of view, a vision of the life it would foster.

Why is staging so important in the sale of a home?
It does not matter if a home is cleaned and well photographed, if it is tired and dated neither will help you get potential buyers in. Professional staging as the same effects as a store window front that draws you in to get a closer look, that make you want to step in one store and walk right pass the other.

What are the top overlooked home design aspect that have the biggest visual impact?
1. The windows, most home in Hawaii have incredible views, do not compete with nature, set your ego aside and do not block the view of our magnificent surrounding, let it speak for itself.

2. Let the architecture of the home speak for itself. Do not over decorate, let the walls breath, do not cover every surfaces, allow potential buyers to move in their belongings, give the room to imagine themselves in the space.

3. Lanai are too often neglected, when most of the time when well appointed they can become a huge selling point.

Valerie Delahaye-Ippolito